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It’s Our Goal
to Provide Pet Owners 
With Excellent Service

The All-In-One Pet Grooming Solution

At Purrfect Grooming, we offer top-quality grooming services for your furry family members, including baths, haircuts, nail trimming, teeth brushing, de-matting, de-shedding, and more, all included in our all-in-one solution, at an affordable monthly price.
Unlike traditional mobile groomers, almost all of our services are included in our standard subscription plans, so there are no unexpected fees or up-charges.
Sit back and relax while we pamper your pet with stress-free grooming using the latest equipment and techniques. Contact us now to learn more!

„We craft high-quality services for pets. We share our knowledge and take care of what matters to you.“

Additional Services

Sanitary Shave: Our Sanitary Shave service includes grooming the eye area, sanitary area, and paw pads to ensure your pet is free from any dirt or debris that can cause discomfort.

Ear Cleaning & Plucking: Dirty ears can cause infections and unpleasant odors. Cleaning and plucking is essential for keeping your pet’s ears healthy and clean. 

Gentle Bathing: Clean your pet’s fur and skin without causing any irritation or stress. We use all-natural shampoos and conditioners specially formulated to nourish and soothe your pet’s skin.

Anal Gland Expression: Anal gland problems can be uncomfortable for your pet. Our groomers are trained to express your pet’s anal glands safely and effectively to prevent discomfort.

Nail Trim & Filing: Long nails can cause discomfort and even pain for your pet. Our experienced and gentle groomers ensure your pet is comfortable throughout the process.

Fluff Out Drying: We ensure that your pet’s coat is dried thoroughly and gently without causing any damage to the fur. Our grooming team uses specialized equipment and techniques to ensure a thorough and gently dry.

Natural Cologne: Our all-natural colognes are made from essential oils and are gentle enough for your pet’s delicate skin and fur. Your pet will feel and smell fresh.

Professional Haircut: Our experienced groomers will work with you to create a look that suits your pet’s breed, fur type, and personality. 

Additional Services Included In Our Standard Subscription plans

Flea and Tick Treatment: Say goodbye to pesky pests with Purrfect Grooming’s Flea and Tick Treatment. This comprehensive service effectively removes fleas and ticks from your furry friend’s coat and skin, while also taking preventative measures to ward off future infestations.

De-shedding Treatment: If your pet’s coat is constantly shedding, Purrfect Grooming’s De-shedding Treatment is the solution for you. This specialized service addresses excessive shedding in pets with long or dense coats by deep cleansing, brushing out, and conditioning to eliminate loose fur and reduce future shedding.

De-matting Treatment: Matted fur can be uncomfortable and even painful for your pet, but Purrfect Grooming’s De-matting Treatment is here to help. Our gentle detangling process addresses matted fur, ensuring your pet’s comfort and well-being during grooming.

Skunk Odor Removal: Has your furry friend fallen victim to a skunk’s notorious spray? Purrfect Grooming’s Skunk Odor Removal service is here to help. Our specialized treatment uses specially formulated shampoos and deodorizing sprays to effectively eliminate skunk odor from your pet’s coat.

Teeth Brushing: Maintaining good oral health is just as important for pets as it is for humans, and Purrfect Grooming’s Teeth Brushing service is here to help. Our dental cleaning service removes plaque and tartar build-up, promoting healthy gums and a bright, clean smile.

Nail Dremeling: For a smoother finish on your pet’s nails, Purrfect Grooming offers Nail Dremeling. This gentle rotating tool is a safer and more effective alternative to traditional clipping.

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