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Purrfect Grooming: Supreme Mobile Pet Grooming Boca Raton!

Offering supreme grooming expertise to your doorstep; enjoy peace of mind in the comfort of your home!

Your Trusted Mobile Pet Grooming Service in Boca Raton

Welcome To Purrfect Grooming

Welcome to Purrfect Grooming, Boca Raton’s premium choice for mobile pet grooming services. We aim to provide exquisite grooming experiences, ensuring your pets feel valued and serene within the confines of their home. Recognizing the profound connection between pets and their owners, our services are crafted to deepen this bond through unparalleled grooming services.

Why Choose Purrfect Grooming?

Opting for Purrfect Grooming means choosing a companion in ensuring the holistic well-being of your pet. We are committed to rendering pet grooming a delightful and seamless experience for your pets and a convenient one for you.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

We bring our unrivaled pet grooming services directly to your door in Boca Raton, freeing you from the hassles of transportation and wait times.

Dedicated and Certified Groomers

Our knowledgeable team comprises devoted groomers who provide detailed and loving care to your pets.

Individualized Grooming Solutions

With the understanding that each pet is unique, we personalize our services to suit their distinct needs and preferences.

Advanced Safety and Sanitation

We follow rigorous cleanliness and safety measures, maintaining a pristine and secure grooming environment.

Familiar Home Environment

The known environment of home reduces stress, allowing pets to enjoy a more enjoyable grooming experience.

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

We pursue excellence in service, striving to surpass your expectations and ensure the ultimate contentment and well-being of your pets.


Expert Sanitary Shave: Our meticulous grooming ensures cleanliness and comfort in sensitive areas, avoiding any inconvenience for your pets.

Comprehensive Ear Cleaning & Plucking: Through our exhaustive and gentle ear cleaning methods, we prevent potential complications and uphold optimal ear health.

Soothing Bathing Procedures: By using superior quality products, we provide a serene bathing experience, revitalizing your pets with each wash.

Skilled Anal Gland Expression: Our adept techniques proficiently address and alleviate any discomfort, promoting the overall well-being of your pets.

Gentle Nail Trim & Filing: Our seasoned groomers ensure a stress-free nail trimming experience, prioritizing your pets’ comfort throughout the process.

Innovative Fluff Out Drying: We employ cutting-edge drying methods, guaranteeing efficient and gentle drying without damaging the fur.

Aromatic Natural Cologne: Our subtle and natural colognes leave your pets feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Stylish Custom Haircuts: We collaborate with pet owners to devise the ideal look, enhancing the breed, personality, and fur type of each pet.

Pet Grooming Pricing


We come to you every 4, 5, 6, or 8 Weeks.

No Contracts, No long-term commitments.

Small: 15 pound   –   $75   

Medium: 40 pound   –   $85   

Large: 70 pound   –   $109   

X-Large: 90 pound   –   $149   

XX-Large: 91 + pound     –   $169    

Cats: Basic grooming   – $115
*No Haircut

Cats: Full grooming   – $155
*With Haircut

One Time Pricing

Small: 15 pound   –   $85   

Medium: 40 pound   –   $95   

Large: 70 pound   –   $119   

X-Large: 90 pound   –   $159   

XX-Large: 91 + pound     –   $179    

Cats: Basic grooming   –   $125   

Cats: Adv grooming   –   $165   

Schedule Your Purrfect Grooming Appointment Today!

Securing an appointment with Purrfect Grooming is straightforward. Contact us, and our friendly staff will assist you in arranging a grooming appointment that aligns with your schedule. Early booking is recommended to guarantee your preferred timing.