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Mobile Pet Grooming in Orlando with Purrfect Grooming: We Pamper Your Pets at Home!

We come to you! No more car rides or waiting rooms for your furry friend. Get a spa day at home with Purrfect Grooming!

About Us

Welcome To Purrfect Grooming

Welcome to Purrfect Grooming! We bring top-notch pet grooming right to your door in Orlando. Pets are like family to us, and we want to give them the best care possible. Our goal is to make grooming easy and enjoyable for your furry friends, making them feel as special as they are to you.

Why Choose Purrfect Grooming?

Choosing Purrfect Grooming means picking a partner that cares about your pet’s happiness and well-being. We make grooming stress-free for your pets and super convenient for you.

Ultimate Convenience

We bring excellence in pet grooming to your doorstep, ensuring no stressful travels or waits for your beloved pets.

Expert Team of Groomers

Our experienced groomers are passionate about pets, offering meticulous services designed for each pet’s comfort and well-being.

Personalized Grooming Solutions

Every pet is unique, and we design our grooming plans to cater to their individual needs, be it a refreshing bath or a stylish makeover.

Commitment to Safety & Hygiene

We enforce rigorous sanitation protocols, ensuring a secure and pristine grooming environment for every pet.

Relaxed and Familiar Environment

Our mobile services allow pets to enjoy grooming in the comfort of their homes, reducing anxiety and enhancing their comfort.

Unsurpassed Customer Satisfaction

We are unwavering in our commitment to ensure the happiness and comfort of your pets, going above and beyond to meet your expectations.

Enhancements in Service Offerings

Sanitary Shave & Detailing: We meticulously groom sensitive areas, ensuring pets are comfortable and clean.

Advanced Ear Cleaning & Plucking: We maintain optimal ear hygiene, using gentle techniques to prevent discomfort and potential infections.

Soothing Bathing Experience: Our natural, premium products promise a nourishing and calming bath, leaving pets refreshed and happy.

Expert Anal Gland Expression: Our skilled groomers utilize safe methods to alleviate discomfort effectively.

Precision in Nail Trim & Filing: We ensure a pain-free and pleasant nail trimming experience, preventing any distress to pets.

Specialized Fluff Out Drying: We employ advanced drying techniques, ensuring gentle and effective drying without damaging the fur.

Natural Fragrance Application: Our mild, essential oil-based colognes are ideal for maintaining a fresh scent without irritating the skin.

Tailored Haircuts: We collaborate with pet owners to achieve the desired look, keeping in mind the pet’s breed, fur type, and personality, ensuring they look their best!



(Every 4, 5, or 6 weeks)

Small: 15 pound   –   $85   

Medium: 40 pound   –   $95   

Large: 70 pound   –   $119   

X-Large: 90 pound   –   $159   

XX-Large: 91 + pound     –   $179    

Cats: Basic grooming   – $125
*No Haircut

Cats: Full grooming   – $165
*With Haircut

One Time Pricing

Small: 15 pound   –   $95   

Medium: 40 pound   –   $105   

Large: 70 pound   –   $129   

X-Large: 90 pound   –   $169   

XX-Large: 91 + pound     –   $189    

Cats: Basic grooming   – $135
*No Haircut

Cats: Full grooming   – $175
*With Haircut

Schedule Your Appointment with Purrfect Grooming Today!

Booking with us is easy! Just get in touch, and our friendly team will help you schedule a grooming appointment that works for you. Book early to secure your spot!.